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Veterans Health Network helps those veterans whose health has been compromised as a result of exposure to heavy metals, toxins and chemicals while serving in theaters of conflict abroad or here at home. We generally think of a wounded soldier as one with missing limbs, eyes or visible scars. This is a very incomplete picture. There are presently 16.9 million living Veterans dating back through WWII. Of the 12.2 million who have served in Viet Nam, the Gulf Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, roughly 30% suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Countless more suffer from effects of Agent Orange, depleted uranium, burn pit smoke and many more toxic chemicals (see References). Veterans Health Network is dedicated to helping our affected brave men and women back to better health at no cost to our Veterans in all cases where necessary. These health benefits can only be accomplished with your caring donations.
We desperately need your donation to help us stop the insanity of our servicemen and women from committing suicide. Just one suicide is too many and yet so many suffer from depression. There are 17 suicides happening daily. Your help is needed as these men and women so bravely defended our country and now have come back with P.T.S.D. Thank these men and women who have kept us safe from harm so we may go to sleep knowing we are secure. These men and women sacrificed and put their lives on the line for us, now it is time we repaid them to get them emotionally whole again. We need your donation so that the Veterans Health Network can offer these men and women the help they need with three months of Stem Cell activation free. Stem Cell Activation is a light wave therapy that has helped many people with physical ailments. The cost per Veterans $116.00 per mo.($348) for the three-month application. We need to raise $35,000 to service 100 veterans. To learn more, visit our webinars to listen to testimonials of people getting help with non-invasive Stem Cell activation patches> 9pm EST every night Monday-Thursday Friday _ Sunday 4pm EST ID 379 717 7845