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About Us

At Madeira Consultants, our goal is to put time back into your day by providing you with a reputable payroll system that has efficient customer service.

This is a vital part of your business and it shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth to get a basic question answered. We help to manage your payroll account without the hassle of waiting on hold for a customer service representative. Make this inefficient experience a thing of the past – put time back into your day with Madeira Consultants!

Our Services Include:
Tax Filing
Check signing/stuffing
New Hire Reporting
Employee Access
General Ledger Integration
Employee Handbooks

A few questions:
Do you like calling your payroll company’s customer service line?
Do you like waiting on hold for 45 minutes or more?
Do you struggle to find your local payroll rep if you need a simple question answered?
Do you want to pay full retail price for this kind of experience?

From Consulting to Planning - Get The Support You Deserve with Madeira Consultants