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Hope Partners International is committed to rescuing children and transforming their lives. To do this, we go to places of extreme need and fulfill our mission, one child at a time. In the places where we work children suffer from hunger, danger, disease, abuse and threats of other kinds, some of them unspeakably dire. We strive to rescue these children and care for them in Jesus’ Name. We’ve rolled up our sleeves and established Hope Centers in a poverty-wracked area on the outskirts of San José, Costa Rica…in a daunting slum near Nairobi, Kenya… in forbidding regions of Rajasthan and Delhi slums, India...Colombo, Sri Lanka...Constanta, Romania and Barchisimento, Venezuela.
In each of these places we help the helpless and give hope to the hopeless.

In Jesus’ name and with his compassion we care for “the least of these” — the orphaned, abandoned, abused children who are left to fend for themselves in conditions so harsh and unforgiving that it defies description.