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About Us

We Believe:
''Advertising should be a Profit Center, Not a cost of doing business!''

About Us
America's Favorite Coupon Book brings you amazing coupons for Tampa Bay's finest businesses.

Pick up your FREE copy in one of over 7000 places in Pinellas County.

We have placed over 15 Billion coupon offers into the hands of eager consumers in Pinellas County alone over 20 plus years.

How We Got Started
Small businesses in a large market area face a great challenge in finding a measurable, cost-effective way to get customers through their doors. They need something that works quickly & consistently, at a cost that they afford to build into their ongoing operating budget. AFCB provides the answer to this need and has become an indispensable part of many business owner's marketing plans.

Our Story
America's Favorite Coupon Book is not a force fed publication! People pick it up because they want it - not because it has been thrown into their yard or crammed in their mailbox.
Our unique distribution system places your advertisement in the public's hands out where it can be used: where people shop, where they work, and where they play.
We can be measured! No more guesswork. You will either receive coupons or you won't. You may not only count your coupon return, but by attaching the coupons to receipts, you may count dollars returned. You will know if, and how well, your advertising investment is working.

Give us a call/text or send us a message here, to learn how we can help you increase your advertising reach.
(727) 314 (SAVE) 7283


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